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PBX and PABX ! The Change in Telephony Concepts

The first difference you may notice in PBX, is it stands for Private Branch Exchange, and PABX, which stands for Private Automated Branch Exchange. The presence of the word “ Automatic” gives a touch on how the two vary from each other. Essentially, a PABX is just a kind of PBX that is automatic. There are also different types of PBX’s like PMBX and EPABX but we received’t cross into that.


PBX is a completely vintage concept in telephony that started out long earlier than electronics have been worried in it. In its earliest days, a PBX is a room wherein switchboard operators connect calls from one cease to another by manually plugging wires to finish the circuit. As technology advanced, new improvements were delivered to the PBX. One primary improve is the advent of electronic switching. This allowed the gadget to be automated and the involvement of humans in reality eliminated. This brought about the need to have a brand new time period to differentiate the brand new system from the antique one. Consequently, the term PABX turned into created for the new automated system while PMBX turned into used to identify the older guide gadget.


In recent times, PBXs have developed a whole lot similarly from the PABX and PMBX structures used a long time ago. And due to the fact that all PBXs at the moment are automated, there may be now not any need to distinguish between the automated and manual systems. Because of this, the terms PABX and PBX are used interchangeably as they basically point to the same machine.


PBXs have even added new features that had been virtually non-existent during its creation. Such things as name conferencing, call waiting, computerized ringback, and plenty of greater functions now come as fashionable in an average PBX. PBX systems also are able to which include cellular phones aside from the traditional wired traces. Greater importantly, many modern-day PBX systems are actually capable of perform IP based telephony. That is a packet based community (i.E. The net) and is very varied from the circuit switched networks of regular phone networks. IP based telephony, also called VoIP, presents several blessings to PBX structures as it can significantly lessen expenses by means of maximizing the efficiency of the to be had bandwidth.