Structured Cabling Solutions

Structured Cabling Solutions serve as a valuable basis in aiding  a company’s IT infrastructure and may just include information, audio, video, multimedia, or a blend of these. Deciding upon the most appropriate cabling methods is probably below estimated and beneath-valued, resulting in an useless price and exposing IT infrastructure to potential risks of failure.

To preclude useless rate and exposing IT infrastructure to advantage risks of failure MozzoTech’s consultants present sophisticated quality, excessive performing cabling solutions to save money and time and enhance your organization’s IT services. We design to deliver these top notch offerings and prime first-rate cable pulling programs by using delivering mission administration and web site supervision associated with new business buildings and information core facilities.

We make sure to enhance your enterprise efficiency, enhance IT offerings, enrich the exceptional and guarantee consumer’s believe and aid.

We recollect a quantity of reasons when choosing a cabling system:

  • Current & future business goals
  • Cost to install
  • Lifecycle of proposed system/s
  • Annualized cost of ownership
  • Testing costs
  • Future upgrade costs
  • Downtime cost

whether or not upgrading cabling solution, moving offices or bettering services, we are good positioned to make sure your small business is equipped with the excellent data cabling solution within your IT  infrastructure.Our Structured Cabling Services includes:

Rack & Cabinet Space Planning and Layout
• Rack Elevation CAD Drawings
• Rack Space Efficiency
• Port Density Maximization
Fiber Optic Solution Design and Installation
• Multimode Fiber Optic OM3 50-Micron 10-Gigabit
• Multimode Fiber Optic OM4 50-Micron 40 and 100-Gigabit
• Single Mode Fiber Optic
• Field Terminated and Pre-Termination Solutions
• Fiber Polarity Consideration
• Complete Specification, Design, and Install
UTP/STP Cable design and Solution
• Category 5e, 6, 6e, and 6A (10-Gigabit)
• Field Terminated and Pre-Termination Solutions
• Complete Specification, Design, and Install
Rack and Cabinet Solution Design & Installation
• Server Cabinet Design and Specification
• Network Cabinet Design and Specification
• Complete Specification, Design, and Install
Pathway Solution Design and Installation
• Overhead Tray Systems
• Raised Floor Tray Systems
• Complete Specificatiion, Design, and Install