Using electric strikes or magnetic locks for Access Control System

Magnetic door locks, are properly for nearby, low-hazard protection programs together with indoor closets where occupants are stationed in the place, or they fall inside the perimeter of a greater tightly secured place.

Here’s why.  Magnetic door locks require a continuously to be had source of strength.  If strength is lost, the magnet will not work.  Therefore, access into the comfortable area is to be had to mischief-makers and each person else.

Battery backup is to be had in energy supply bins, but they should be checked often and changed frequently.  Batteries may not preserve energy over an prolonged time period if the power is going out.  Over a weekend, an occupied constructing can be plenty much less relaxed if the electricity has been out for forty eight hours.


A higher answer for door safety hardware all through a electricity outage is to apply electric powered strikes.  An electric strike is a automatically operated strike that releases a door while the mechanical part is activated.  Activation occurs either with the urgent of a panic bar from in the building or when activated through an digital controller outdoor the constructing with a card reader or different sort of access control system.


If power goes out, the magnetic lock will no longer paintings.  With out an electronic strike, access to the building is as smooth as honestly starting the door.  Add an electronic strikes to the secure door, or even whilst the strength is going out, the door remains cozy.


What about exiting whilst the electricity is going out?  Will I be trapped interior?  No hassle.  Even though the electronic strikes is in a at ease function whilst the electricity goes out, understand that pressing the panic bar additionally activates it so that the door will launch.


What approximately exiting when the power is on when there’s a magnetic lock at the door?  Access control system based doorways that have both an electronic strikes and a magnetic lock should be outfitted with a request-to-exit button in the building.  These are frequently called RTX or RTE buttons.  Those, in conjunction with the man or woman urgent the panic bar on the way out, permit for secure and easy exit while the electricity is on.


The efficient access control system installation is to have each magnetic locks and electronic strikes on outdoors doorways, especially those which might be used for entrances.  On interior doors, it isn’t always as crucial to have each.  Commonly, a magnetic lock and RTE within the closet or room, suffices for indoors door security, so long as there’s some shape of tracking by using personnel or protection personnel at some stage in electricity shutdowns.

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